About Us

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Kids Choice Travel was started in 2013 by two sisters, Elyssa and Lainey, who live in Texas.

The girls have been raised in the travel industry and have been fortunate to see many great places with their parents. They both love staying in hotels, eating out in restaurants and exploring new places. Elyssa has become quite the foodie in the process! Both girls are into sports, swimming, camping, art, reading, and adventure. They love to take advantage of all activities while on a vacation. Just your typical kids with lots of friends who love to travel too!


Elyssa, Editor in Chief age 13, Texas



Lainey – Reporter/Editor age 11, Texas



Our Contributing Reporters:

Angel – age 12, Arizona

Ysabel – age 12, Texas

Gracie – age 11, Texas
Ramsey – age 5, Texas
Avery – age 11, Texas
Samantha – age 12, Texas
Riley – age 12, Texas
Kenzie – age 10, Texas