Welcome to Kids Choice Travel! This is a site created by kids who love to travel.

Here you will find reviews of hotels, restaurants, destinations and activities as reported by travelers under age 18. As kids, we will say it like we see it. We will tell you what we like and did not like. Since we cannot visit everywhere in the world just yet, we will also have contributions from our friends and kids we meet as we travel. KCT will also write about places we would like to visit and ask others to tell us about hotels and must do activities in these areas. Pictures, blogs and videos are welcome.

This is a site where kids can learn about new places and parents can hear what kids really think about these places before they plan their next family vacation.

For your security, when you post your comments or photos we will not list any last names or city where you live. Age will be asked as a reference to our readers only.

beach in Maya Rivieria, Mexico

beach in Maya Rivieria, Mexico